Get more experience with the fascination of the Underwater World!   

Introduction Diving, (min. age 10 years) ... 1 or 2 dives

Why don't you just try an Introduction Dive / Discover Diving and let yourselve be stunned by the fascinating new Under Water World ?

    Duration of Training: about 3 hours
    Schedule: Introduction video, Briefing, shallow water dive in the sea
    Time table: Start 10am / lunch break 11am-12pm / Boattrip starts at 12pm for 1 or 2 dives

Did you enjoy this experience so much that you want to make diving to your hobby ? No problem. You can join into the beginner course straight away and become an Open Water Diver. The Introduction Dive we will count towards your Open Water Diver training,

For  "YOUR KIDS" - 8 & 9 years old, the worldwide accepted dive organisations offer with the kids programm the possibility to experience their first under water adventures in shallow water. Beware you might find it hart to get them out of water again ...

    Schedule: Introduction video briefing, shallow water dive max. 1.5-2m
    Out trainer will help to put on dive equipment in the water
    Time table: Start 10am / Lunch break 11am-12pm / Boatrip starts at 12pm for 1 or 2 dives

All equipment, boattrip, teaching materials and an Diplom are included.


Open Water- and Junior Open Water Diver Course

During the beginner course you will learn diving in shallow water and open water to a max. depht of 18 meter to get the right feeling for "flying under water". You will learn the theoretical aspects of diving through video and home study book in your mother language and during an workshop with your instructor. We offer training according the standards of worldwide accepted dive organisations such as SSI / PADI / BSAC / CMAS. Upon completion of your training you will receive a world wide accepted diving licence.The minimum age for Open Water Diver Course is 10 years (customers with preexisting medical conditions and minors are required to provide a recent dive medical according to GTUEM roules (

    Duration: 3 days - 8.30 - 11am theory / 12pm - about 5pm training in water
    Contents: Theory, exam, shallow water and open water dives

Max. 4 students per trainer. Included in the course are the complete diving equipment, boat trips, teaching materials and certification fee. Upon completion of your training you will get special discounts for futher FUN-Dives and Advanced Courses if you are interested in to do.

Scuba Diver-  and Junior Scuba Diver Course - in 2 days only

The requirements to begin this course are the same as for the Open Water Diver Course. After 2 days you can go diving to 12 meters accompanied by a dive professional worldwide.

    Duration:  2 days, upgrade to Open Water Diver worldwide anytime possible
    Contents: Theory, exam, shallow water and open water training lessons, 3 lessons each
    Time table: 8.30am - 11.30am theory / 12pm - about 5pm training in water
    Groupsizes and course contents are the same as in the Open Water Course


Perfect Buoyancy
A diver, who is able to control his/her buoyancy in any given situation can relax even more under water. One main aspect of controlling one's buoyancy is the preservation of the underwater world. Course contents in this course are your equipment and how to use it to control your buoyancy, breathing-techniques, the efficient use of your fins and body positioning.

Learn to feel really at home under water. You will see how easy it is to measure distances and directions to get back to your entry/exit point of your dive. Natural Navigation, Compass-Navigation and the combination of both and special situations during navigation are training parts of this specialty.

Deep Diving
The temption of going deep has already caught many divers and is hard to resist. Many wracks lie between 25 and 40 meters depht. To go there you must be able to plan safe deep dives to minimize the risks and kow the proper emergency procedures. Therefore you should never do a deepdive without previous deep-diving training. In this Deep Diving Specialty Course you will learn about your equipment in deep diving, planing and executing deep dives, possible dangers and how to plan repetitive dives.

Our trainers will individually supervise you to reach your goal...


Advanced Adventurer (SSI) or Advanced OWD (PADI) ... 5 Dives

After finishing your Open Water Diver you can continue straight away and look into 5 different special aspects of diving. In the advanced training you will learn fundamental knowledge and gain valuable experiance that will broaden your diving adventures. The first dive of the five different specialty courses offers you a perfect way to decide how to continue your diving education. Min. age 12 years.

    Contents: Video, theory workshop, briefing, 5 dives
    Schedule: According to your instructor - theory- and dive lessons

Max. 4 students per trainer. This course includes diving equipment, boat trips, teaching materials and certification fee. The dives you have done in this training can be credited towards the according Specialty Course.

Advanced Open Water Diver (SSI)  ...  4 Specialties

A certification for well advanced divers that will open doors for you around the world. This certification considering 4 complete Specialty Courses. In the SSI Advanced Open Water Diver Course you will gain knowledge and skills that will exceed basic training and makes you an independent diver, who has fun and comfort in the water. This certification is highly respected internationally. To get the highest "Non Professional" licence its only a little step... you just have to complete the "SSI Stress & Rescue" training plus First Aid Course with 50 logged dives (training dives incl.).

    Duration: 3 - 4 days
    Contents: Video, theory lessons for each specialty, 6 or 8 dives depending on specilaties
    Time table: According to your instructor - theory- and dive lesssons

The PADI Divemaster ...
is the first step into professional diving.

The responsibilities of a Divemaster (DM) are may fold and require a lot of responsibility. The supervision and guiding of certified divers on land and under water of Koh Tao requires good judgement of both the diving conditions and the divers in the group. When assisting in courses a DM needs good personal and observational skills. Upon certification a PADI DM is able to conduct certain programs such as like as snorkelling training …
After a 6-8 week intensive theoretical and practical training you will get certified as PADI Divemaster. With this certification you can use your acquired skills and share your love for diving with many others.

The PADI Assistant Instructor ...
is the best way to become an Instructor.

An Assistant Instructor (AI) should be able to demonstrate dive skills and knowledge at Instructor level. This is one of our main focal points in your training with us. We can offer you more than 15 years of training experience on your way to become a highly qualified trainer. A very educational course with a lot of fun and new diving knowledge awaits you, because with your certification as an AI you will be allowed to start knowledge-development classroom work under the indirect supervision of an Instructor.
We offer you an optimal preparation at Instructor level so that the next logical step will be a very easy one for you …